The Science Behind Smokeo

  • Skin Friendly Formulation

    Smokeo After Smoke Hand Perfume can be used multiple times a day without harming your skin. 100% Natural, Organic ingredients with delicately selected perfumery ideal for skin contact.
  • Ionising Technology

    Special Ingredients break down the odor of Marijuana & Cigarette smoke without having to wash or rinse after smoking every time. The ingredients work at the molecular level dissolving smoke molecules with its ionising technology
  • 100% Automated Production

    With 100% In-house automated production and packaging of Smokeo, we make sure the best and safest product reaches your hands from our factory. We utilise state of art filling and automated packaging & production line dedicated for Smokeo Hand Perfume
  • Tamper Proof & Counterfeit Proof Discreet Packaging

    Smokeo comes in a proprietary food grade plastic jar with our brand name engraved at the bottom. The outer sleeve is printed to fight counterfeit and spurious copies and to make sure you buy only the original product.

Odor Blocker

Special ingredients that dissolve smoke molecules neutralising their odor.

Skin Friendly

Organic, natural & non irritating ingredients and fragrances.

Paraben Free

100% free from cheap and harmful carcinogenic preservatives.

Alcohol Free

Alcohol free formulation designed for multiple daily use.

Value for Money

Incredible Value for money. Rs. 30 for One Month Pack*